Capturing and presenting your most precious and natural moments in 3D by our novel 3D imaging system and full color professional 3D printer


MeMoment is a group of creative professional with scientists, designers, and engineers sharing the mission of bringing state-of-the-arts 3D technological advancements to benefit and inspire you and me. We utilize inhouse developed leading edge 3D imaging technology to capture your natural expression and posture within a second by using 20+ synchronized cameras. And produce your personalize figurine collectable by our professional full color 3D printer to keep your memory fresh and touchable!

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Wow us with your CREATIVITY by art jamming with your figurine!

Congratulations! You have retained your freshest memory through your figurine collectable. This is not the end, but the beginning of your new excitement and exploration.

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Our novel 3D imaging technology can freeze your most natural expression and excited movement in full details in the blink of an eye.

Your energetic pet, dancing kid or even your kung fu pose is possible to be captured now!

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Our developed 3D imaging technology can capture your motion in less than a second.

The captured image sets will be processed to form a 3D digital model with surface texture and further enhanced by digital sculpting for better quality physical 3D printout. It will then be outputted as full color clay-like figurines with our acquired professional full-color 3D printer. The whole process normally takes about 10 days and can be simplified as the following 5 steps:

booking1. BOOKING

Make a booking with us and choose a figurine service package. Plan ahead and prepare your style and props. Pls read our FAQ for details.


2. 3D Imaging

Each capture is lightning fast with a flash light. Design your favorite poses and enjoy the unforgettable photo experience.


5-10 photo sets will be captured and you can select the set(s) you like most for our subsequent 3D conversion and postprocessing.



Our designers process your 3D image set into high quality 3D digital model and enhance it for best quality 3D print out.

print5. 3D PRINTING

Your figurine comes to life by our state-of-the-arts full color 3D printer. Stay tuned!!!

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Contact us for more information or service packages

10cm Hottest deal!

HK$ 2400

  • 10cm tall or shorter
  • Scale 1:15 for Adult
  • Scale 1:10 for chilld


HK$ 3500

  • 10-15cm
  • Scale 1:10 for Adult
  • Scale 1:8 for Child


HK$ 5000

  • 15-20cm
  • Scale 1:8 for Adult

MeMoment Studio
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15 Cheung Shun Street, Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon, HK

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MeMoment Studio
whatsapp: (852) 5407-9328
The Barn, 2/F, D2 Place Two
15 Cheung Shun Street, Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon, HK

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What to wear for my 3D photo shooting?

You can basically wear anything to the studio, as our state-of-the-arts 3D scanning technology can recognise most textures in details. Topless babies or flurry doggies are also welcomed. However, we do not recommend shiny or transparent material which the scanning technology. For those who wear eye glasses, we recommend you take off the glasses while doing the scanning, to avoid any reflective effect in the imaging.

What pose for my 3D photo shooting?

You can basically do any pose, even jumping or holding your babies above your head! We can capture the exact moment in 0.2 second. But note that for gestures like pointing your little finger or letting your long hair fly may result in figurine with sharp corner or thin structures that may increase chance of breakage.

How does the 3D imaging work?

Our developed 3D imaging technology capture 3D object geometry by multiple synchronized cameras. Our algorithm analyses the photo set and produces the 3D digital model, which can then be further enhanced and printed with our in-house latest full color 3D printer.

Can I make figurine with my family?

Baby, children, pets and families and groups are most welcomed. We are the first 3D scanning studios in HK which can capture actively moving little ones with our developed 0.2 second 3D scanning technology. We may offer discounts to family portrait with 3 or more members in a group. Please inform our staff during your booking for the best arrangement of shooting.

Any harm to us during the 3D photo taking?

No laser, no X-ray, no harm, the scanning is exactly just like taking a picture with flash using your camera or cell phone. It is an absolutely baby-friendly safe technique.

How long does it take to pick up my figurine?

Normally it takes 10-14 days from the 3D photo taking day (assuming you confirm your selected photo set on the same day) to the completion of your figurine collectable. Time may vary if you have special request, please contact our staff for any enquiry.

How should I store the figurines?

The gypsum like figurine is fragile and you should store it with care. Keep the figurines away from long hours of direct sunlight or contact with water. It can help to keep the best colour as ever-lasting as your smiley face.

What material is the figurine?

Our 3D printer is one of the most advanced market available one with full color printing capability. The material is a high-dense gypsum polymer material with a clay-like surface which shows visible details of the scanning object.

Can I order reprint of my figurine?

Yes! We can keep your 3D file as per request for reprinting purposes. Each figurine collectable has its own birth certificate and serial number. For multiple reprints, we may provide discount. Ask our staff for more details!